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The main goal:

             sharing information, knowledge and pictures of agaves, but also other plants.
             to acquire rare and difficult obtainable Agaves.
             to spread rare and difficult to grow species amongst cultivars
             to publish reports and pictures of my fieldtrips in Mexico and also South Africa.

About me:

My name is Wim Alsemgeest, from my 14 years old lifetime I am a enthusiast succulent lover and the last 9 years I specialized in growing Agaves.
I am now only 65 years old and retired.
Now I have the time to create a website, with help of Paul C. Laney, webmaster of the "The Laney" website and the Frailea website.And Ellen van Veldhuisen (Euphorbiawebsite)
Also I like to start up organising field-trips in Mexico and South Africa, in 2006 was the first trip with an group of people, for example we have seen the beautiful Agave guiengola and A.albipilosa in Mexico!

Throughout the years I have written several articles about Succulents for the Dutch / Belgium Journal “Succulenta”, sometimes together with my Agave friends Theo van 't Walderveen and Jos van Roosbroeck from Belgium.
I have been 11 times in Mexico and 5 times in the USA and 2 times in South Africa where we also have looking for Agaves and of course much more other succulents.